Are you a sports lover or sports fanatic?

I want to ask you the very important question, are you a true sports fan or an avid sports fanatic. I searched both definitions. According to the dictionary, a “fan” is “an enthusiastic devotee/follower of sports or any team.” A “fanatic” is “a person who has a great passion for sports or any team.” It’s not easy to tell the difference between a sport fanatic and a true sports fan. I consider myself a fanatic. Here is my opinion about the fine line.

A sports fan will always have a favorite team. The fan will learn some information or history about their favorite teams. The fan will be motivated to attend their favorite team’s game when they have time and the opportunity.

A sports fanatic is someone who eats, breathes, and sleeps all about sports. A sports enthusiast will know everything about each sport, including its history. They are familiar with every rule, each player and every detail related to that sport. Fanatics will strive to attend every match of their favorite team. If they cannot, they will have a device or smart-phone that allows them access to the latest news and information.

A large, flat screen TV with a big movie-cinema size resolution is the most important thing for sports fans who don’t plan to attend the game. It takes up half their living room. It should have surround sound stereo speakers to make it feel like they are sitting in a stadium. The living room should have a large sofa with several reclining chairs, and foot rests. You should have enough space for everyone to sit down and enjoy the “big” game with you.

Food is the final requirement for sports fans. It is essential that there be enough food available to make it feel like they are at home tailgating. Plenty of food must be available, including chips, tortilla chips and dips, as well as pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and other snacks. The beverages that are essential include a case or two of beer, as well as a refrigerator large enough to hold other beverages.

A sports fanatic will also have more memorabilia and sports gear than a casual sports fan. Sports fans need every bit of memorabilia about their favorite teams, from a jersey to a spoon. Fans are most likely to wear hideous team gear and have their face painted in the stadiums.